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H807 – Week 3 – Rogers’ five adopter types

February 27, 2011

From reading Rogers’s five adopter types based on his “Diffusion of Innovations” I would consider my own position as being an innovator. I like to explore and understand even at a concept level, emerging technologies. I like to keep my finger on the pulse of the networked society and try to fathom where the mass are moving to next. I also like to take existing adopted technologies and consider how these can be adapted/ customised to create new innovations and possibilities.

However this comes with several responsibilities and acknowledgments of feedback from my peers whom will belong to other categories, can be very close to what Rogers describes:

  • Many ideas are met with resistance
  • Adoption of new processes or tools require buy-in
  • When there are any problems, especially when brought up by the sceptics, good ideas can quickly be dropped
  • When an idea or technology is adopted it is rare that any praise is fed back to the original innovator

I can apply Rogers’ model to my experience of introducing innovation in my company, both with internal and external clients.

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