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H807 week2 activity2 – theme grid

February 15, 2011

My completed the grid and my findings are illustrated here:



There are some themes that I can quickly consider as almost pre-history such as peer assessment or personalisation. However in the other extreme I need to think of items such as mobile learning as being more in the present and so are less advanced than themes such as e-assessment which I feel is a very interesting theme open to a great potential of innovation.

In answer to the questions:

  1. To what extent should we think of elearning as a distinct discipline with a need for its own concepts and vocabulary?

From what I have experienced in my own development and understanding within the industry I can understand why it has developed into a more specialized sector with disciplines sitting somewhere between web-development and education. Hopefully as the mechanics behind technology become less obtrusive, this break-away sub-sector will merge back into the mass.

  1. Do you think the formal–informal divide is more or less evident in elearning than in more traditional forms of learning?

I would consider that the divide is less evident as the different means of applying education (as illustrated in the grid) can be applied under formal or informal contexts.

  1. Did you find any of the concepts difficult to place on the grid provided? If so, why was this?

I found virtual communities a difficult item to place. I don’t think that these apply as an individual theme of learning and can probably be found in more or less an extent in other themes.

  1. Can you think of two different axes for such a grid that might also help categorise elearning concepts?

I like the suggestion made that an axis could use cheap vs costly for development but this may not be reliable. One additional axis that may be helpful would be “technology independant” vs “technology dependant”

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