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Digital Story Telling

February 14, 2011
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Using Digital Storytelling for Creative and Innovative e-Learning

A story creation model called movement-oriented design (MOD) is introduced for systematically developing effective digital stories, in conjunction with story creation principles articulated by Robert McKee, a Hollywood guru of script writing.

With e-learning content, the lack of personal connection (with a real teacher) can be overcome by creating “educational stories” that embody good storytelling principles.

Educational storytelling is also a temporal art, and needs an element of conflict, or progressive complications to keep the learner’s emotions fully engaged. To obtain progressive complications, or conflict in an educational story, every answer given in one part of the story should raise a new question, to be answered in the following story unit.

Many engineering and ICT courses are facing the prospect of reduced student enrolments. New pedagogical models are required to revitalize these courses. E-learning systems using digital storytelling can provide this new innovative pedagogy. Storytelling principles articulated by Robert McKee show how to create a good narrative using inciting incident, progressive complications and resolution. MOD provides a framework to create story narratives starting with just a concept. Creativity and innovation are enhanced by combining knowledge from different domains. Therefore, e-learning systems that deliver engaging intertwined narratives for learning, and offer the opportunity to generate new narratives, will provide a learning environment that encourages creativity and innovation.

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