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Core activity 7.1: Professional values

November 29, 2010
  1. Review the CMALT prospectus from Unit 5. Note what specific professional values are mentioned and also any values that you think are relevant but are not mentioned.
  2. According to ALT, such values and codes of practice differ between institutions, disciplines and roles, and may evolve through time. (See the ALT response to the ‘Framework of professional Teaching Standards’ (2004) below: question A, part 11 on page 2.) Look through the other resources for some statements of professional values and ethics in other professions, such as medicine, counselling and engineering, and try to identify aspects in which the underlying values differ significantly from those of higher education (see the Higher Education Academy statement). Alternatively, you may choose any other professions that you might have an interest in and access to information on, such as architecture or law.)
  3. In no more than 500 words, write an assessment of differences in the professional values described in the different statements. Store this in your repository for possible later use as evidence of your understanding.
  4. Post a statement of your own professional values to your blog and/or your tutor group forum.
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