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Core activity 5.2: Professions and professional values

November 3, 2010

I agree with Demelza that this was an overly heavy and grammatically cumbersome paper. However from what I could glean from this I would say that the e-Learning industry professional could be catagorised by what is termed as “‘new’ occupations seeking professional status”.

The direct links to e-Learning professionalism and this paper are I think a little tenuous. However from reading the paper I can understand that there is an understanding that “established professions” need to get a certain qualification to be deemed as professional. Whereby in the field of e-Learning, in the absence of a credible accepted qualification, the practitioner relies on evidence of achievement in the form of:

1. Legitimacy of the individual expertise through an example of a successful rollout of a flagship product that they had involvement in i.e. “the knowledge economy has led to value being placed on those individuals who are seen as talented an able to apply their skills to complex business problems”
2. Given examples of unique approach or slant on the current tools / concepts available and the application of these in a documented product i.e. “delineate the coherent and unique body of knowledge that underlies their work”

So in the case of the e-Learning practitioner the stamp of professionalism is possibly achieved through the linking, conception and realisation of unique ideas rather than an achieved level of qualification i.e. “As such, this approach to professionalization switches scales from the sector or industry in general to the individual worker and her/his employing firm.”


An individual who has forged a career from the understanding of single or related subjects.


Single or multiple digital objects accessed through a form of “electronic” display device that has the potential to transfer knowledge to the user.

elearning professional

An individual who understands various parts or processes involved with the development of e-Learning and does so for financial gain.

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