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Drupal :getting started #1 localhost

October 26, 2010

For video instructuctions you can go here

Download and unzip the drupal package. To use locally Install this then launch. This will start up the server. Left clicking the taskbar icon will allow you access to the wampserver toolset.

PHP myadmin is a utility that allows to manage databases. First create a database (drupal_learning) create

Next to install drupal you want to drop the extracted version into the wwwroot folder. Just copy the whole folder accross. Next go to the localhost and install teh site. Before doing that, left click wamp server >apache>apachemodules & ensure the rewrite moddule is checked. http://localhost/myDrupalVersion

Install drupal, next asked for a settings file. Copy default settings php and make that settings.php. Now asked for database configuration screen so the database setup name can now be added. Should now be installing drupal. Set basic configuration, sitename, email address, admin account etc.

Update: You will need to close skype to get wampserver to connect.

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