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Core activity 2.4: Reflection and learning

October 3, 2010

Certainly the blog has given me a very usable vehicle for quickly making notes or links for future reference. However I don’t think that blogging has really provided a great deal to the value of my personal learning. Blogging as far as I understand, involves the writer making statements which are then commented on by those linked to or following the posters’ blog. Although my blog is publicly open, I would not expect there to be much passing traffic to pass comment, therefore the great majority of what I write is more for personal reflection rather than course criteria.

Drawing on my own undergraduate experience I see the blog as a developing note or sketch book that may contain ideas for further exploration when the time is more appropriate or the idea gains better kudos. Also sketch books, which are very much a form of reflective learning journal in the form of “different writing” or “short concept notes” (Creme 2005), are used in marking final student work as they are a direct indicator of the students’ learning journey.

As said, the blog does serve quite well as a repository for my own reflective and concept notes but in terms of my PDP and evidence of work in the form of an e-Portfolio, I feel that there is scope to link in more appropriate technological gizmos that would help make the envisioned e-Portfolio portal ‘hang together’ a bit better.

Crème, P. (2005) ‘Should student learning journals be assessed?’, Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, vol. 30, no. 3, pp. 287–96

Moon, J. (2001) ‘PDP working paper 4: reflection in higher education learning

Moon, J. (2005) ‘Guide for busy academics no. 4: learning through reflection

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