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Core Activity 2.2 Reflection

September 28, 2010

This is a short personal reflection of my experience of the group task in core activity 2.1.  In its initial conception the activity appeared to be straight forward but within the group there were teething problems that compounded to make the task almost impossible to even get off the ground.

In order to at least get the task initiated I took the first steps of setting up the template via the OU wiki. This did at least allow me to get some drivers and comments added but I actually found the technology behind the wiki itself to be lacking. For example one fellow student queried me as to whether the table alignment could be altered. From past experience I considered that this would be an easy task, however the actual functionality of the OU wiki, although it appeared to allow the changes to be made, did not actually store and implement them. Shame really, I would be interested in finding out from the other group their experiences of Google docs.

One area of e-Portfolios that I have not yet grasped is simply the physical appearance of one. “What does an e-Portfolio look like, can I see an example?”

Framework for Personal Professional Development on H808 (see page 3 of the Course Guide)

The fact that I am writing this reflection before the task has even been completed probably says more about the success of the task then the evidence it represents. The template is not completed but the issues raised because of it’s lack of completion may be  considered as evidence for further description within my portfolio technology competency area. Alsocan this also be described as the kind of collaboration where by you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!

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