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Rise of the Blog?

September 14, 2010
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I thought I might try to paint a more positive picture for blogs as an educational tool based on the notion that a blog can be considered more than a reflective journal but as a Personal Learning Environment (PLE). What I would like to do is offer a real experience scenario and then look at a couple of other views using notes already posted on blogs I have linked within my PLE.

As an undergraduate there were no blogs. I wrote my notes on scraps of paper and put them in a ring binder. I don’t have any of these notes anymore. As students we arranged to meet in places to swap notes, discuss topics and ideas. These meetings needed to be pre-arranged and usually only involved a small unchanging group, usually in a pub and so after the first hour the ring-binders went back into the knap-sacks.

As a post-graduate with a blog I make the notes either directly or transfer later. I share my blog with all. I have links to others within my learning network. I can see their notes at any time and can leave comments.

Other blogged quotes on the subject include:
I know I’m a novice at this but even so could definitely see a progression in the way I tackled my own blog and the way I commented on other students’ entries. I felt quite overwhelmed at times – having subscribed to a number of RSS feeds I groaned a few times when I saw the number of new entries/comments to go through but at the same time I feel I’ve learned a lot about how other students blog, how they tackle the activities and how we move each other along.” (Constable 2009)

In the tutor group discussion forum I’ve came round to thinking that the blogs enable us to know we are on track. If we are writing up our notes from readings we’ve done, we can read other people’s blogs to make sure we have interpreted it correctly and if they describe it in a different way we can pick up a different meaning or alternative view.” (Nugent 2009)

Constable, F (2009) “Wrapping up Week 12”,
Nugent, E (2009) “A Reflection on Blogging”,

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  1. Em Nugent permalink
    September 15, 2010 10:20 am

    Looks like I made some sense. What I find interesting now is that I didn’t use the blog so much in the next course I did and have not continued to do so. I think this was because in the last course I did the tutor group wasn’t very cohesive and I guess I felt there was little point making my thoughts public.

  2. sicowan permalink*
    September 15, 2010 12:31 pm

    Hi Emma, hope you don’t mind being quoted. I can understand that you maybe left the blog and didn’t follow it up. I am finding on returning to use it a revamped enthusiasm for throwing more in and making it work better.

    Not that I ever used one but the blog seems to be similar to the 80’s filafax 🙂 in regards to all those extra bits you can insert.

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