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e-Learning Professional

September 6, 2010

What is an e-Learning professional?
Robin Mason: Says its a combination of research and practice. This is a point that I feel is very relevant in my current role. Training of others in understanding e-Learning concepts or ideas. Taking part in the courses available through the OU I feel is an important statement of intent on my part to show my commitment to the profession. She also feels that Canvas based universities (not sure what these are?) have legitamised the role of e-Learning.

Gill Kirkup: Fairness and appropriate treatment of other people (learners?) Putting the needs of the client above those of your own personal interests. Research and scholarship, development of online learning communities. Developing and improving good practice (which she feels is stronger in the e-Learning field). I like the touch of being having membership of a community that acknowledges you either through qualifications or work achieved. But part of a professional is always learning and developing in the field above and beyond any qualifications.

Robin Goodfellow: Discusses that e-Learning is primarily about teaching although many other technical associations assist in the manifestations that the learning can take. Interestingly he points out that it would be difficult to be associated with the big P professionalism where one is commited to a single employer or institution.

Chris Jones: Reckons that e-learning has been about for around 30 years but could only be considered mainstream in the last 15  years. He considers that this has been development of sharp changes and turns primarily brought about by the advent of networks and PCs.

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