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Week 18 A1: The challenge for educational institutions

June 17, 2009

Reading Weller.

Weller suggests that decentralisation, democratisation and bottom-up processes characterise the world of Web 2.0. Using your reading in the course thus far, provide one or two examples that would support this claim and one or two examples that would modify or counter this claim.

“I suggest that the reason the centralised learning management system (LMS) is not the answer to the ‘web 2.0 problem’ for education because in its software DNA it embodies the wrong metaphor.”

OK that sounds interesting. This could have major impact on my work.

“An individual doesn’t need to go to a physical library to find resources, they simply use Google now. The actual goal of learning is made less explicit, and thus to an extent, learning itself has become further democratised.”

Example 1:

I would suggest that Wikipdia represents an example were the potential is to be democratised but it has been almost shanghied by a few who wish to control its content.

“constructivism, social constructivism, and more recently, connectivism” – Not sure what connectivism is? Will need more research.

Example 2:

OpenLearn, the OU OER, does I think represent a form of democratised education, however I have my reservations that the format may not be as attractive as other offereings.

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