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May 27, 2009

A learner can use a wiki in a similar manner as a blog except that the exercise can be operated as a group learning exercise. Wiki’s by their nature will record the track changes made to them and so will in turn document the learning experience. A single or group of learners can utilise a wiki to post findings, make changes and go through levels of quality assurance.

Wikis also allow fo the hyper marking of key words to other pages of information thus adding to the tracked documentation or thread of learning. Using a wiki is fast (hence the name wiki which is derived from “wiki wiki” the Hawaiian word for fast.

Wikis also provide an instant source of available information tha the learner can edit at a later stage should they feel that the information contained there in requires changes.

Administrators can review wikis to consider a learners train of thought. Like blogs, wikis can also be used to display not just text but visual and audio information as well.

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