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Adaptive Learning

May 27, 2009

Adaptive learning: Definition = Learning where a system programs itself by adjusting weights or strengths until it produces the desired output.

Adaptive learning is a technique where a cognitive scaffolding learning system acts on the decisions a learner makes and will dynamically tailor the resulting content based on their actions. Such a system will be rquired to store these interactions through out the learning session in order to make pre-programmed operations on the course structure and deliver the correct content. This stored data can be then utilised and analysed in reports to demonstrate to the learner/concerned parties how the learner/group of learners have traversed through the course and the choices they have made. This will be useful to course administrators to compare results for multiple learners to spot holes or gaps in the learning content.

Resulting information also can be used to specify further content that the learner may need to follow. There are other aspects to Adaptive learning that could also be considered above and beyond simply gathering learner quiz results such as behavioural profiling using psycometric testing. This type of profiling could be very useful for employer entrance examinations or for job profiling.

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