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LEX Project

May 10, 2009

As said here: This first phase of the JISC Learner Experience programme generated considerable interest in the elearning research community and seemed to strike a timely chord as individuals and institutions began to realise that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift in terms of the use of technologies by students and hence the associated implications for institutional structures, processes and strategy.

Price et al’s survey might have come up with slightly negative results with regard to online vs f2f but the course under survey was probably designed in 2001-2002 delivered in 2003 and surveyed at the end of that year. This is pretty early with regards to Web 2.0 life cycle and I would imagine that no-one on the course had even heard of facebook even in 2004 when the results were examined. Facebook is rumoured to have started in February 2004 when at the time it was only available to Harvard students.

ECAR Study: A yearly study on technology in education. Interesting….

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